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Get to Know Me

Hello, I am Dakota Bozzmoss She/Her. I started as a massage therapist in 2015, after speaking to friends who said "Massage is too expensive" so I decided I needed to make this "luxury" service more affordable! So I set out to qualify as a massage therapist. I then went on to study some more courses Lashes & Brows, Nails, and Reiki.  
I started having my aesthetics treatments in 2015 before my wedding in 2016, Filler, Anti-Wrinkle injections but dam it was expensive! In 2021 I decided I needed to do some more courses and set on my journey to qualify in aesthetics. In February 2022 I completed my studies and got my certificates! (However, I never stop learning) and now bring you affordable aesthetic treatments! 
Bozzmoss Aesthetics is renowned for paying attention to detail and tailoring our treatments to suit each individual client rather than a one-stop shop of treatments. Each and every one of us is different, has different aesthetic needs, and will respond to treatments differently which can only be assessed and performed by paying attention to detail and not rushing anyone!

Dakota Bozzmoss
Trans Falg
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